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tv   ABC7 News 500AM  ABC  August 6, 2012 5:00am-6:00am PDT

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find any explosives. security stepped up at sikh temples in san jose and fremont where members are praying for the victims in wisconsin wondering how the shooting will affect things here. the temple's leadership says while they appreciate secure security this is -- extra security this is not the time to live in fear. they say since 9/11 members of the sikh faith have often been mistaken for muslims. >> the first images from curiosity are beaming in. >> nasa is celebrating after the rover's successful landing last night. first images showed the flat bottom of a giant crater where it landed and the dis-- and the crater rim. most ambitious and priciest
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yet. the complicated landing nicknamed seven minutes of terror has turned into hours of celebration. >> touchdown confirmed. >> that great things take many people working to the make them happen is one of the fantastic things of human existence. >> just minor excitement there, rocket pack lowered the rover on cables to the surface. nasa hopes the 2 1/2 billion dollars price tag will pay out dividends in the form of new discoveries. hundreds gathered in oakland to watch the mars landing. the rover landing. among the nasa fans included dozens of children.
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11-year-old christopher bell wants to be an astronomer. >> i think they might find microscopic life. you know like germs, bacteria. but, i would be very surprised if they found things like small plants or animals. not very smart life. >> the observatory stayed open late to accommodate all watchers. stay with abc7 news for continuing coverage. we'll have the latest all morning. keep with the mars mission on as well as on our twitter and facebook pages. the san jose police officers' association will meet tomorrow to discuss whether to ask members for a vote of no-confidence in chief moore. moore is the head of a department that has slashed jobs, increased layoffs and
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has fewer patrol cars. some officers question moore's ability to lead the department effective. a department spokesman defends the chief's record claiming moore is doing everything he can given constraints he faces. prominent former child psychologist accused of molesting young patients will learn wednesday if he will be freed on bail. 80-year-old was accused of faking mental illness to avoid prosecution. it was said he might never be competent enough to be retried. the san mateo psychiatrist was sent to napa state hospital for nine months. ayers allegedly molested several youths between 1991 and '96. drivers on the benicia bridge will notice changes. fastraks will be closed daily from 8 p.m. until noon it began saturday night runs
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through friday august 10th. fastrak-only traffic will be shifted to the single lane on the far left that bypasses the toll plaza all together. >> the toll plaza reserved for buses and carpools. were you testing me. starting today a marin -- [ unintelligible ] a temporary traffic signal will be installed to control one-way traffic initial phase of the work is expected to take two months. this morning fire crews say they've gotten control over several fires across the state most blazes were sparked by lightning still two major wildfires burning in california volcano fire in riverside county has burned 355 curse, about 95%
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contained. -- acres, about 95% contained. the other fire is burning 120 miles north of sacramento. i just got back so i don't know how things were last week. last night flying in it was warm. >> it was. mike predicted that warm-up. you want heat? you want summer heat is back in the forecast, a lot of high schools are starting their fall seasons today or started last week. this week, keep an eye on the kids make sure they have a lot of water. here's a look at live doppler showing you how dry it is, cloud cover, want to focus in on texas, area of high pressure, going to pump up heat from our desert into our neighborhoods. today mostly cloudy, 50s as we
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head towards noon clouds dissipate quickly just hanging on to the coast at that point at for you, 72:of time temperature around the bay. 4:00 only clouds at the coast, 61 for you, 75 around the bay, 84 inland. in the afternoon hours you may need a light jacket around the bay, 68. inland 74, the coast 58°. next three days warming trend two to four degrees warmer each day from the 90s mid 90s inland to 100 by thursday. mid 80s to near 90 around the bay. we start off with roadwork going on now in santa rosa highway 12 between farmers lane and mission boulevard lanes scheduled to be blocked until 6:00 this morning. westbound 4, even though it is a tree down reported left lane
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at willow pass not causing slowing, traffic great now out of the antioch into concord. there aren't any other trouble spots. we saw cars off to the right before 5:00, shoulder-huggers they've moved through since the carpool lanes have opened no delays at bay bridge toll or any of the bay area bridges. one more stop south bay san jose northbound 280 for headlights up towards cupertino and 17, zipping along out of santa cruz mountains. 5:09. >> summer vacation is over for state lawmakers. next, what democrats say their priority will be before the november election. north beach institution gets ready to shutdown for good. how much time customers have left to enjoy its food. new problems for the new superman ride at six flags
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at nature valley, nature's best-written recipe is ready for you to enjoy. delicious granola bars made with the best ingredients in nature. nature valley, nature at its most delicious. good morning. southwest airlines hits turbulence. captain is issuing refunds to customers charged multiple time for a single flight a software glitch ruined a promotional offer. social security no longer should a -- such a good deal. those who recently retired or about to retire won't get back as much as they paid into the system.
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because the ratio of workers paying into the system to those collecting is decreasing. although it has been 50 years since marilyn monroe died she is still earning big bucks, 27 million dollars last year. she has almost 54,000 followers on twitter and 3 1/2 million fans on facebook. 5:13. summer vacation is over for california lawmakers they return to the state capital today. democrats in -- say they plan to try to convince voters the tax hike on the november ballot is needed and the money won't be misspent. the budget -- san francisco institution is closing. the restaurant is closing at the end of the month. the italian restaurant has been a fixture in the north beach neighborhood more than 50 years in a letter posted on the restaurant's website the
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owners say they are staying open through the end of august to celebrate its existence one last time. the owners have not revealed the reason behind the closure. turns out all superman needed was more power. the ride returned to act yesterday at six flags in vallejo the rollercoaster was shutdown a week after a dozen were stranded in the air a week ago sunday. yesterday the ride stalled again for 20 minutes. >> looks like the computers were out of sync. >> they rode it three times without anybody on it, got back on did the same thing. >> it was a combination of the power and the weight and basically this is a very, very highly unusual event. >> park officials say last week's problem resulted from the right's power supply not being strong enough. in oklahoma fire crews are counting on rain today to help battle a monster fire that
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continues to burn. several wildfires are burning in state the largest in north eastern oklahoma has burned almost 91 square miles, 121 structures lost, many homes. many evacuees were allowed to return home yesterday despite several fires that are still burning nearby. >> i'm 82-years-old i've never seen nothing like it before. i've lived in this community all my life. >> cause of the fires have not been determined. the one that began friday is being investigated as possible arson. witnesses told deputies they saw a man throwing a lighted newspaper from a pick-up truck. why would you want to do that? that's horrible. any way. >> criminal charges if they catch that . >> 5:15 now. -- some people still want
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summer because it is august or they have to travel to other parts of the country to get it, not all of us are lucky enough to do. good to have you back. thanks for the coffee it is very good. yummy, thank you. >> you are welcome. good to be back with you guys. >> good to have you back. looking down at a few clouds from mount tamalpais, sausalito foreground, san francisco in the background. i think we have enough cloud cover we could have a few flight arrival delays that would be the only airport affected. clouds just not thick enough to drop any moisture good news on a monday off to a dry start. temperatures mainly in the mid to upper 50s here and low to upper 50s around the monterey bay and inland. faster sunshine not as cool today. less cloud cover tonight comfortable for sleeping.
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getting hot inland even around the bay this week head to the coast for comfort. seven day in a second. triple digits are back. within degree warmer than average today in livermore 89 one degree cooler in oakland and san jose, 72 and 82. we have cloud cover this morning by 10, 11:00 back to the coast. a lot of sun along the coast the farther south you go. south bay sunnyvale and milpitas upper 70s. mainly mid to upper 70s peninsula, 71 millbrae. low to mid 60s along the coast to 66 downtown to 70 in south san francisco, sausalito 70 most of the north bay upper 70s to low 80s, 15° cooler at your beaches.
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antioch and brentwood seeing 90s. 80s inland. two degrees warmer tomorrow another two wednesday and thursday, by then 100 inland 90 around the bay 70 at the coast heat will peak thursday and friday. off to a great start this monday morning. nothing to catch you by surprise not even slowing westbound 580 through the altamont pass. with the waze traffic app you can see slowing to 31 miles an hour into livermore. a few traffic spotters there. also, heavy traffic on westbound 205 reports of it from a few drivers as you make your way out of tracy. those are the slow spots. not too much else going on. live shot of 680 walnut creek traffic flowing well southbound more cars on the road and earlier free reported
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in the lane on westbound 4 at willow pass cleared. westbound 80 flowing well through berkeley with a drive time of 18 minutes from the carquinez bridge to the maze. north 101 in san jose also delay-free out of morgan hill up the peninsula. 5:19. we would like to thank some people helping raise thousands for foster children by liking abc7 news on facebook. >> sharon f of san jose, kathy h of redwood city. >> you can make a difference just like abc7 news on facebook right now and one dollar will be donated to the abc7 news sleep train dream campaign. 5:19. [ unintelligible ] at stanford the big question is who will replace
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andrew luck? --.
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good morning. 5:22. giants completed three game sweep of the rockies in colorado winning 8-3 yesterday. giants move on to st. louis to face the cardinals tonight. a's split four game series with blue jays at the coliseum losing 6-5 yesterday a's host angels tonight. college football now. stanford has a huge void to fill at quarterback now that andrew luck has gone to the nfl. the training camp opened yesterday stanford ranked
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18th. right now it appears brett and josh are the favorites to replace luck. the coach says it is too early to name a starter. >> both guys look good. we have less than a 10th of our offense in now. for day one -- [ inaudible ] they got the ball out on time all play calls are great, everybody is great in the huddle. good start for everybody. >> stanford opens the season august 31st. >> cal is hoping to improve on a 7-6 season the head coach took a trip this summer to new england so he could learn from three time super bowl winning head coach bill belichick. he says it was a great experience. >> oh yeah, big time. had great conversation with belichick able to watch a lot of tape.
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[ inaudible ] very worthwhile. >> of course, the new england patriots's quarterback tom brady. >> nice to be back at cal. dark knight rises on top for the third week in a row another 36 million dollars this weekend. it has now made more than 355 million dollars. >> total recall remake with colin farrell opened in second place with 26 million dollars. diary of a wimpy kid number three. ice age fourth and the wash wrapped up top five. gunfire erupts in a richmond neighborhood. plus, why you will see hundreds of janitors marching in the streets of downtown san francisco today. the action health officials in the east bay are
5:23 am
takinged to try to stop a possible west nile outbreak before it starts. high temperatures going to be warmer today 60s coast san francisco and richmond, 90 or two in the east bay valley. rest of the country, 80s and 90s in most neighborhoods, dallas 101, phoenix 112, 82 in seattle and 86 in portland. airports on time. here you go little man.
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start of a new week thanks for join us i'm kristen sze. i'm eric thomas. developing news in that -- let's start with this. richmond police have just given us new information about last night's fatal shooting the victim was 16-year-old and played football at kennedy high. he was not armed. officers arrived on west
5:28 am
mcdonald near first street 9:30 last night the second victim was taken to the hospital. police have made one arrest still looking for another suspect. they say they know the suspect's name but not releasing it at this time. authorities don't believe the shooting is gang-related. this morning san jose police looking for the people behind an apparent gang-related shooting that wounded two before 8:30 last night in the 600 block of south white road the victims one adult male and one juvenile suffered nonlife-threatening injuries. anyone with information is asked to call police. san francisco police chief plans to hold a community meeting this week to address concerns about the latest shooting involving an officer. the incident started saturday night when police got a call a man was waving a handgun. police stepped in residents in the area told abc7 news off camera, they heard five shots
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after police warned the man to stop. police say the unidentified man was shot multiple times he's in stable condition. the officer involved was not hurt. latest mars rover on the martian surface now beginning to send back data this morning. the eight month, 350 million mile journey ended last night with a landing shown on the big screen in mountain view where katie marzullo joins us live and katie what a celebration it was after the landing! >> reporter: it was. here and everywhere it is so fun to see scientists jumping for joy. viewing party here for locals who wanted to watch and celebrate together. also here, scientists who worked on the heat shield for the rover without that, the rover never would have survived entry into mars'
5:30 am
atmosphere. it has already sent back first images in black and white, more to come of course. success after what they are calling seven minutes of terror, the seven minutes it took for the rover to land successfully. nasa never before tested the technology that it was using to land this rover it is a rocket propelled jet pack being the last stage to land on the surface of mars. scientists and space lovers equally anxious as they watched and equally excited after the landing. >> it rocked! seriously, is that cool or what? >> i think they might find microscopic life, you know like germs, bacteria, but i would be very surprised if they found things like small plans or animals. >> we call them aliens, they might call us aliens.
5:31 am
>> reporter: future nasa scientists in the making there. the mission for the rover is to search for evidence of life. that comes down to water and carbon basically the building blocks of life. the rover will be cruising around a crater and up a mountain it has laser technology that can show scientist was it is seeing on the red planet. right now, for the next few weeks, curiosity will be undergoing what they are calling a health check. they hope the 2 1/2 billion dollar rover will last at least two years, if not longer. katie marzullo, abc7 news. let's talk more about the role of scientists there. to get to the surface of mars curiosity had to survive entry into the atmosphere thanks to some bay area workers it scientists in mountain view where katie is, worked on the heat shield, made to withstand temperatures of up to four thousand degrees fahrenheit,
5:32 am
almost half the temperature of the surface of the sun, job well done. san francisco's exploratory museum is giving people a glimpse into that mission. the museum is displaying a full sized replica of curiosity. one young lady was asked why they was cure about curiosity? >> -- why she was curious about curiosity? >> [ inaudible ] >> what do you think about going to mars? would you want to go to mars? >> [ inaudible ] >> the exploratory museum hosted a webcast of curiosity's landing last night. i think we are seeing the next generation of nasa scientists. stay with abc7 news for continuing coverage of the mission to mars we'll have the latest all morning you can keep up with the mars mission on as well as on our twitter and facebook pages. the california highway patrol investigating a roll
5:33 am
over crash in pittsburg off highway 4 that sent eight to the hospital all members of an antioch family their suv had gone off the freeway after 1:00 this morning. the chp got calls about a woman holding a child on the side of the freeway. officers arrived to find the suv overturned. >> there were several victims injure, eight people all family members. they all have minor to moderate injuries they were traveling from santa cruz to antioch. >> officers say they are investigating whether or not everyone in that suv was wearing seat belts. developing news that deadly shooting in wisconsin. the suspected gunman has been identified as 40-year-old army vet wade michael page. several were killed, including the gunman. latest from t.j. winick.
5:34 am
>> reporter: this morning fbi and army of other officers still swarm around two scenes outside milwaukee. split between the sikh temple in oak creek where seven died and suspect's home, six miles away. overnight we learned more. sources telling tphauz he is believed to be a skinhead or white supremacist in his 40s, he used a semi-automatic handgun to kill his victims, including the president of the temple preparing for the day's services. >> a lot of family and children and adults were there getting ready for the day he was preparing his lecture. >> reporter: several people were shot outside the temple. then the suspect entered the morning service that was just about to begin women >> the shooter loaded the gun again and going into the building. >> reporter: the first officer to arrive on the scene was a 20 year vet of the police department helping a victim when was ambushed by the
5:35 am
shooter. >> put pull rounds were exchanged -- multiple rounds were exchanged the officer was shot several times. >> reporter: the gunman died in that exchange three others in critical condition treated at a local hospital. among them, the police officer, already being called a hero. again, the shooting suspect has been identified as wade michael page, an army vet. the atf did execute a search warrant at his property six miles from here yesterday, they found no explosives. >> before you get away, i know the investigation is in its early stages. what do we know about the weapons he may have used? >> reporter: we know that it was a 9 millimeter semi-automatic pistol. atf did run a trace on it yesterday, they have gotten back some information on that weapon. however, they are not sharing it right now.
5:36 am
they say it is just a piece of the puzzle of this larger ongoing investigation. >> t.j. winick live in oak creek, wisconsin, thank you. if you are going to be in downtown san francisco today this may affect you. more than 2,000 union janitors plan to march this afternoon. their contract expired last week they've agreed to stay on-the-job for now while negotiations continue they've authorized a strike if talks should break down. sticking point over paying the cost of health care janitors clean over 400 san francisco buildings. pesticide trucks set to roll through brentwood tonight to help control mosquitoes and stop the spread of the west nile. the area is boarded by san creek parkway, sellers avenue, balfour road and brentwood boulevard the spraying will take place between 8:15 and 11 tonight, weather permitting.
5:37 am
5:38. if you found temperatures to be on the cool side this week should be just right for you. >> we can't all just go off to hawaii and get our tans perfect. >> come on i would have packed you if you asked. >> they charge extra for suitcases now, i know. mike has the forecast. good morning. doppler is dry even though we have clouds around the bay and towards the coast area of high pressure over west texas going to back towards us, with that clockwise flow going to bring real heat later this week. mainly cloudy outside our inland valleys in the 50s, sunshine everywhere except for the coast as we need noon, 59 there, low to upper 70s from the bay to inland.
5:38 am
clouds start to gather along the coast, 58 at 7:00, upper 60s to mid 70s for the rest of us. very delightful evening to be outside. we get two degrees warmer tuesday, wednesday, four degrees warmer thursday, thursday is when we'll see triple digits develop inland, 90 bay, 70 coast. sounding bad, one vehicle trapped under a big rig on northbound 238 as you head towards 880 from 580. traffic heavy approaching the scene. chp and ambulance is en route this looks like it could be a real hot spot now they are reporting the big rig might be leaking fuel that could take time to clear. the waze traffic app this is a great way to see how delayed it is and to help you get around the slowing and right now just a couple minutes ago
5:39 am
you see traffic is heavy on westbound 580 already out of castro valley, approaching the scene. we'll keep you posted on the delays and keep updated on that crash. at the san mateo bridge, not far awake, traffic fine, this is westbound out of hayward into foster city. a little more crowded on bay area freeways overall, westbound 80 looking good now from the carquinez bridge to the bay bridge toll plaza, which is delay-free at this point. 5:41. more potential problems for the bay bridge. the new report that questions whether some of the tests were on the up and up. major embarrassment for southwest airlines. how they are making up for a weekend glitch
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crunchy nutty clusters and real almond slices for your taste buds. we are back with breaking news in oakland. there's been a report of a shooting at 7th and franklin in the chinatown area of oakland. police at one point have set up a perimeter they -- they have some parts of the area closed off. sue thompson is headed to the scene and will join us with a live report as soon as she can. there are new concerns this morning about caltrans safety testing on roads and bridges, including the bay bridge. an investigation last year
5:43 am
fond a caltrans inspector failed to check the accuracy of his testing gauge while examining the foundation of the bay bridge tower. engineers began reviewing test records and found doctored data and other us is -- and other suspicious results from that inspector. this morning south wet airlines says it started refunding money of customers who were mistakenly over charged after an online ticket promotion backfired. friday's half price deal was designed to celebrate the airline reaching three million fans on facebook. instead hundreds of customers were charged up to 30 times for their flight. southwest blames a computer glitch. the company says it will pay customers for overdraft fees charged by banks. good news on household debt. why social security may no longer be such a good deal for younger workers.
5:44 am
>> new kind of atm, what you have to put in to this machine to get money. teenager makes a public apology to a plane full of people way he didñcús
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with welcome back. temperatures are going to be
5:47 am
slightly warmer today warming trend will last throughout the week 90 antioch, 70s and 80s most inland valleys 70s bay, 60s coast possibly richmond. a few showers possible in southern california, 110 today in palm springs, 76 san diego, 90 l.a.. -- let's take the president campaign. mitt romney is spending the day at private meetings expected to name his running mate before the republican national convention which starts three weeks from today in tampa florida. the party has announced some of the speakers, john mccain, mike huckabee and condoleeza rice. they will address delegates before romney formally accepts his party's nomination.
5:48 am
president obama is scheduled to raise more campaign cash tonight. he's expected to raise at least 2 1/2 million dollars at two events in connecticut one at the home of film mogul harvey weinstein. are you retiring soon? you probably paid more in taxes than you will get in social security benefits. according to an analysis by at associated press people retiring today are part of the first generation of workers who have paid more in social security taxes during their careers than they will see. -- they will receive. recycling company hopes to cut waste by changing the way plastic bottles are disposed of. a company plans to install recycling machines at subway
5:49 am
stations in beijing each bottle put into the machine will give customers credit to ride the subway. china produces estimated three million tons of plastic bottles every year. no word on whether the devices might make it to the u.s.. 5:50 now. let's check in with mike. hope had you a great weekend. this week a lot of heat summer back after -- did you get sprinkles at your house? >> no. but i fear the ac bill. >> we had to use it a lot a little bit couple weeks ago. i won't ask if you got raindrops where you were? >> in kauai the wettest place on earths, parts of it i think. they pass and never last long and rather warm. >> tan suits you well. >> thanks. >> here's a look, beautiful picture from mount tamalpais
5:50 am
this morning, clouds higher which means they are going to be easy to get rid of. if you look at live doppler you can see how exactly dry it is out i'd. we're talking about -- it is outside. were talking about how the clouds are hanging around the bay and coast and easily removed into the afternoon hours. let's run through temperatures right now mainly mid to upper 50s in most neighborhoods. as we head towards the monterey bay temperatures hanging out from 51 at watsonville up to about 57 in gilroy. let's talk about what is going to happen, highlight force this forecast cycle. faster sunshine, not as cool today, fall is behind us, as is the weekend. less cloud cover tonight, still mild overnight. that will be the key to the forecast going forward. hot inland and around the bay later this week.
5:51 am
temperature change two degrees warmer in san francisco, 66. san jose 81, six. concord 85, eight. uzi suz up to 82° today 11 -- santa cruz up to 82° today -- brentwood will jump about 20° up to 90 two -- up to 92. -- saturday and sunday temperatures may taper a little still looking at mid to upper 90s inland. mid 80s around the bay and then mid 60s as you head to the coast. this accident sounds really horrible. a car stuck under a big rig this is on northbound 238 as
5:52 am
you koeubgt of castro valley into san leandro to 880. left lane blocked chp issued a "sig alert" blocked for at least a half hour. party trapped in the vehicle crews trying to cut the vehicle to get that person out. we heard possible fatal accident as well. we'll keep you posted. right now at least 10 minute delays as you approach 238. i would avoid this area all together completely. you can use abc7's waze traffic app to help you get around. it shows back-ups. all commuters stuck now, the backup is quickly growing past redwood towards the castro valley bart station. you may want to consider bart as an alternate. so far bart not reporting delays. we'll check out the bay bridge toll for you, starting to see a back-up for the cash paying lanes.
5:53 am
5:54. have you been paying down your debt lately? it may be part of a national trend. >> here's jane king. good morning. airline safety in the floodlights, national transportation safety board investigating increase in incidents after human error in the form of communication break downs, three jets coming too close together last week. wall journal said a distracted controller let a american airlines plane and military jet get too close last year. a study shows american families are shooking loose of their debt burden and helping pave the way out of the recession. at the new york stock exchange, i'm jane king with the bloomberg business report. a woman is recovering from
5:54 am
injuries she suffered after the suv she was in crashed through a barrier and fell three stories from a parking structure at the san diego mall. police say the 70-year-old driver of the bmw accidentally hit the accelerator instead of the brake. the car flipped and landed on top of two cars parked be low the driver's girlfriend ed minor injuries but expected to be fine. high school student in texas was taught a public life lesson. he cut in line to get on a southwest airlines jet. his coach saw it and made him apologize on the intercom to the other passengers. >> some of my teammates were called to the front of the line, i was not. yet, i cut in line. i hope you will all find it in your hearts to forgive me, for i am just a young man that thinks i am smarter than i am. [ laughing ] >> mack, a lacrosse player says he's learned his lesson
5:55 am
and will be more patient from now on. good cope. >> oh no teacher like embarrassment, you remember that forever. >> oh yeah 5:56. next, we'll continue to learn new information on the gunman accused of opening fire inside a wisconsin sikh temple. nasa celebrating success on the red planet. the late night rover landing want is next.
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5:58 am
good morning i'm kristen sze. i'm eric thomas. major traffic problem in the east bay "sig alert" northbound 238.
5:59 am
>> let's get the latest from frances dinglasan. one lane will be blocked for some time everyone uses 238 to connect from 580 to 880. we are seeing now 15 minute delays with this car stuck underneath a big rig. apparently they are trying to cut the car up to get a driver or passenger trapped in the vehicle so the chp has issued a "sig alert" backing up on to westbound 580 into castro valley. waze traffic app shows all commuters stuck, back up reaching redwood road you may want to consider mass transit. maybe just connect on to 580 and find alternate routes. bay bridge toll only a minor back up for the cash-paying lanes. good morning. check out live doppler, you saw clouds on frances' picture some


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